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We offer corporate and service-oriented professionals an opportunity to lease statement artworks to enhance wellbeing, performance, and experience.


Our artworks are ideal for infusing offices, reception areas, boardrooms, studios or public spaces with art that will boost work culture, stimulate positive energy and improve employee experience and achievement.


Our artworks convey themes and aesthetic that can inspire social interactions, elicit emotional responses and strengthen interpersonal bonds between businesses and clients.


We offer an affordable way to showcase contemporary high-end artwork to bolster your public presentation and create an impression in the modern age.


Choose from our selection of Statement Artworks
made available for lease for up to 24 months.

We have an eclectic range of statement works available themed on Manchester, Pop Culture & Philosophy. Jai has selected each piece from his vast collection of masterpieces. He believes these specific works will enhance any working environment.

The artwork available to lease is valued from £3,000 to £20,000. Our leasing options provide an affordable way to showcase stunning statement artworks in your professional environment. Each statement piece has a unique leasing fee determined by the value and scarcity of the artwork.

To know more about our leasing service and view the works available - 
Contact our Sales Manager 
Olliver Dyson -
Alternatively, download our brochure. 


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Why Art?


Art as an aesthetic is an experience for multiple reasons. First, we undoubtedly respond to visuals with messages and stories that stimulate the mind, stir emotion, provoke curiosity, and fire up the imagination. Second, art displaying colours, shapes, and patterns influence mood or psychological and physiological states that affect behaviour and action.


For these reasons, displaying artwork in the workplace can elevate employee performance and physical well-being and strengthen interpersonal bonds between employers, employees, and clients. 




Why Now? 


The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the following containment measures severely impacted the economy, businesses and working practices. As a result, organisations recalibrated operations to adopt new employee measures and processes. For over 16 months, a majority of professionals in corporate have worked from home, impacting their productivity and general wellbeing. Many have experienced heightened anxiety, stress, isolation, and disconnection from their working and personal lives.


As companies have gradually transitioned to ease employees back to working environments in new, hybrid ways, companies must reconnect with their people and offer them alternative ways to re-engage with the latest climate and practices and motivate them.


We believe it is more vital than ever to inject creativity into the corporate world and use art to influence and inspire human connection and raise people's spirits. In addition, art experience can reconnect employees with organisations, reinvigorate hybrid working environments both home & shared, and motivate employees.




Why Us?


Our artist, Jai Sol's brand of art and creativity, can add value to people in businesses. He thinks the ideas, concepts and narratives that inspire his art, along with the dynamic, modern visual style, can genuinely resonate with professionals and stimulate their sensibilities and creativity.   

What are the Benefits?


Mental Wellbeing

Art, like nature, is significant in its ability to transport the viewer to a different mental plane or an experience of mental and emotional dopamine, visceral. Being in this highly conscious state significantly decreases inflammation and can lead to chronic illnesses, including diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. It can also stimulate more efficient information processing, making people feel less rushed, more patient, and more willing to volunteer. Furthermore, nature-themed art is known to lower stress, anxiety, fatigue and general distress levels. In addition, nature in art is usually gauged to be a "positive distraction" (one that elicits good feelings and holds attention without causing stress, thereby blocking worrisome thoughts).

Employee Performance

Art in the workplace can benefit employee wellbeing and performance. This is significant as the office can quickly become a place of stress and tension, and people become cognitively exhausted after prolonged periods of highly focused work. Viewing artwork, particularly themed on nature or neutral colours, helps workers restore mental energy, reduce stress, and increase cognitive performance. In addition, people who work in environments decorated with aesthetically engaging art typically experience less stress and anger in response to task-related frustration and thus help to build a more collaborative and enjoyable workplace.


Research and studies have identified myriad ways, from the practical to the unconscious, that showcasing visuals with a message or narrative in the workplace communicates to clients and customers and can improve employee experience and achievement. 



Workplaces can often feel bland, homogenised and overly functional. Rooms are decorated with desks, doors and minimalistic furniture. However, art can function as a landmark in the space, adding nuance to the experience and transforming the layouts and aesthetic. 


Brand Perception 

Art can also help communicate key brand messages in a non-verbal way. For example, an organisation that displays abstract, conceptual art may be perceived as contemporary, innovative and cutting edge. Companies showcasing art conveying historical reference can be considered conservative, established and principled. Art that features social and populist themes can signal diverse management practices and inclusivity.




Art that illustrates challenges of common concern and collective identity, such as environmental or political, can support a feeling of unity among employees or between an organisation and its clients. 



Art in the workplace can serve as an outlet for highlighting local culture and community, creating a bridge between the workplace and its surroundings.

Team Interaction 

Interpersonal interaction also results from art that sparks discussion among employees. If creativity, innovation, and open conversations are elements of an organisation's culture, engaging artwork can help substantiate these values and make them visually available. In addition, employees tend to feel more cooperative and open to considering differing points of view when exposed to images they find pleasing that are familiar and evoke a sense of a connection.


Companies that express their brand identities through super-graphics and other collateral may achieve some of art's benefits, such as visual interest and collective reference. However, more subjective responses like tranquillity and curiosity will likely be left out. Implementing art as a tool to express your company with context and meaning can transcend design and branding.


I believe it is vital now more than ever to inject creativity into the corporate world and use art to influence and inspire human connection and raise people's spirits. I know the experience of my art can reconnect employees with organisations, reinvigorate working environments both home & shared, and motivate employees.”


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