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Renowned visual artist Jai Sol showcases masterpieces inspired by Manchester United at  One London Rd, Alderly Edge, Manchester.

100% sales of artworks to be donated to the Seashell Trust


As a lifelong football supporter,

Jai draws inspiration from the sports legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

His works pay homage to Sir Alex's character, creativity, and unwavering self-belief. Each piece is meticulously crafted offering a visual narrative of the club's history, its iconic players, and the indomitable spirit of Sir Alex.

The Legacy


Legacy is a tribute to the Busby Babes, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The artist created the artwork in commemoration of the Munich air disaster in 1958, in which 23 people, including eight of the famous Busby Babes, lost their lives.

The masterpiece features a silhouette of the babes, clock, Old Trafford, Manchester United Badge, Sir Matt Busby & Sir Alex Ferguson.




Seven celebrates the five of the most iconic and talented players who decorated the Manchester United number seven shirt.

The art features Bryan Robson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and George Best in Old Trafford in front of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.



This artwork is under development and will be completed to unveil at our event.



Manchester United - Ar'tea

Manchester United interpretation
of The Last Supper artwork -Ar'tea features Sir Alex at the head of the table with twelve legendary players conveying various themes, stories and fun events from United's rich history.


The art features Mark Hughes, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and George Best in a dining room located in old trafford over the years. in a


RED .png

Red Glory

"Red Glory" captures Sir Alex Ferguson's unparalleled legacy as Manchester United's manager, showcasing his record-breaking 13 Premier League titles over two decades.

Through abstract imagery, it portrays Ferguson's ability to reinvent his teams to achieve consistent triumphs, is a visual testament to Ferguson's enduring influence and Manchester United's history of success.



The creation of Fergie is a tongue in cheek interpretation of the legendary masterpiece The Creation of Adam by Italian artist Michelangelo.

This depiction features Sir Alex Ferguson with prominent Manchester United players whom he nurtured to become champions and legends.

Creation of Fergie


Jai's artworks blend traditional techniques with digital tools, resulting in captivating pieces sought after by collectors worldwide.

For our event, Originals are priced at £25,000, with editions at £2,000.

Seashell Trust Donations

For this event, Jai has selected the Seashell Trust as the beneficiary of his donation. Given the overwhelming support his Manchester-based clientele has shown for the trust, Jai is eager to contribute to its cause. All sales of artworks displayed at the event will be donated to the trust, with proceeds supporting their initiatives. Jai also plans to assist the trust in setting up an online shop for selling the artworks and offering poster prints to maximize fundraising potential. In addition Jai is committed to establishing a long-term partnership with the Seashell Trust. Beyond this event, he plans to donate a percentage of sales from his upcoming art and interiors service in Manchester. This partnership sets the stage for future exhibitions and private events that continue to support the trust's endeavors.


The Exhibition

Seven carefully curated artworks will be showcased on easels at the exhibition. Jai and his team will provide guests with detailed information about each piece. The guest list comprises art collectors, high-net-worth individuals, and club supporters, ensuring a vibrant and engaged audience.

Jai Sol

Jai Sol, a native of Preston turned Manchester local, boasts over 15 years of professional experience as a self-publishing artist. From humble beginnings selling art in market stalls across the northwest, he has ascended to international acclaim, exhibiting and selling his work globally since 2008. His unconventional journey has led him to collaborate with world-class artists, designers, and organisations, culminating in exhibitions at prestigious venues worldwide.

In 2019, Jai established his private gallery in Sale, followed by another in London's Soho district in 2022, showcasing his latest collections. Presently, he is involved in various creative ventures, including the development of a movie and Netflix TV series, curating exhibitions for esteemed galleries like Saatchi & Saatchi in London, and spearheading innovative art projects.



Grounded in his working-class roots, Jai understands the importance of giving back to the community. For over 15 years, he has donated proceeds from his art sales to several UK charities, raising substantial funds for each. Notably, his collaboration with the Prince's Trust over six years saw him exhibit at royal gala dinners and private events at the palace alongside King Charles.

Notable creative contributions, collaborations and donations.

Princes Trust - The Palace, London
The Variety Club - Kippton, Manchester

Diwali Dinner at the Savoy - Savoy Hotel, London
The Asian Awards - Park Lane Hilton, London
Legends of Sports Awards - Royal Garden, London
An Evening with Gary Neville - Hotel Football, Manchester
The Manchester Ball - Hilton, Manchester
The Red Sea Pedestrians - Lowry, Manchester

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