Covid-19 update

We are currently experiencing some delays with delivery due to Covid-19. We are aiming to get all of our artworks to you within 30 days, however, given the current climate we cannot guarantee this. We will communicate delivery timescales with you regularly to ensure you remain updated. We use a trusted professional courier who is abiding by strict social distancing delivery measures. 


How is authenticity of the artwork evidenced?

Authenticity is evidenced in two different ways for each artwork. The first is a printed and signed by the artist certificate of authenticity detailing a description of the artwork, the specification. The second method of evidencing authenticity is through utilising a QR code which is embedded within the artwork. For more information on this process please refer to this section of the site


Do you provide international delivery?

Yes, once you are through to checkout your delivery costs are calculated based on your delivery address. Please rest assured your artwork will be fully insured and will arrive in perfect condition. If for any reason this is not the case please contact, and we will rectify the situation immediately.

How do I know when to expect my order?

Prints in the UK typically arrive within 2 weeks as they are made to order.
Original art is ready within 4 weeks in the UK unless specified otherwise. Originals are delivered by Jai Sol himself.

If delivering internationally, we will give you an estimated delivery timescale once we have your delivery address.

You will receive a tracking number once our courier receives your artwork so you will know when to expect your delivery.


How do you ensure my artwork will get to me securely?

We have been creating, selling and delivering fine artworks for over 20 years. We will ensure that no matter where your artwork is being delivered that it will get there beautifully packaged and in perfect condition. It will be wrapped in a mixture of foam, cling wrap, bubble wrap and if necessary airbags and boxes.

What is the difference between original, editions, bespoke and customised artworks?

Original artworks are one off creations of art from Jai Sol’s private collection.


Original works conveys Jai’s most personal expressions of art; these are his most authentic and valuable creations. Limited edition artworks are editions of a series of identical impressions or prints of art, limited between 3 and 100 copies. Please see below for specific details.

Unlimited edition artworks are a series of identical impressions of prints of art unlimited in quantity and size.

Bespoke artworks are one of the artworks which you have engaged jai sol to create specifically for you to feature themes, subjects and visuals of your choice.


Customised artworks are one-off or limited edition artworks that have been customised to complement your environment, personal tastes, style and any specific requests.


What quantities of editions exist for the artwork I am buying?

As described above the artworks are available in one off (original) or editions, the number of each is set out below and are also given against each artwork as showcased on this site. For ease, the total number of each range are given below:


10 Original - one-off masterpieces

10 Premium - 3 editions

25 Exclusive - 10 editions

20 Signature - 16 editions

20 Popular - 100 editions

50 Open - unlimited

Can I purchase my artwork immediately?

It is possible to buy popular and open edition artworks from the website immediately. For original, premium, exclusive, signature artworks we ask you to contact us directly using the enquiry form or alternatively you can email us at


Will my artwork arrived framed or not?

Yes your artwork will arrived framed as shown on the website. Bespoke framing is available, and please email us at if you are interested in learning more about our bespoke framing or framing consultancy service. More information can be found in this section of our site

How do I buy an original?

To view Jai Sol’s entire original art masterpieces we require you to become a member, please complete the membership form, you can do that via our membership form alternatively for the original artworks that are already being showcased publicly, you can use the enquire form or email

Can I see the artwork in real life?

Throughout the year Jai Sol exhibits his collections. To be informed of these opportunities to view his creations in person please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page or follow our social media pages. Alternatively, if you are interested in buying artwork directly from Jai Sol’s private studio, it may be possible to arrange a private viewing and meet Jai Sol. Please contact to enquire about private viewings.


Unless otherwise stated all artworks are bespoke and / or personalised and are made to order. Therefore we do not accept any returns; please be sure of your decision before making a purchase. We are confident you will love your artwork. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.





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