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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jai Sol?

Jai Sol is a self-taught visual artist from the north of England. 

Born in Preston and now lives and works at his private gallery and studio in Manchester.



What are the themes that feature in Jai's Art?

Culture and spirituality inspire Jai's life and creativity. He observes the world around him and creates interpretations of what he sees, thinks and feels. Each piece depicts subjects and themes that have inspired and influenced his journey, a record of his actual experiences and thoughts. 

Jai's collections are themed under two categories - Dreamworld & Bluemehndi.


Dreamworld is a collection of artworks that convey interpretations of popular and alternative culture. Each piece displays observations of ideas, trends and concepts that have influenced the artist's thoughts and life experiences. 


Bluemehndi is a journey into the unknown realm of spirituality. The artwork serves as a clue or guide to messages, ideas and concepts, inspired by Hindu mythology and South Asian culture. The artist unearthed this collection in his childhood and has since devoted his life to expressing his understanding of spirituality through Bluemehndi.



Is Jai Sol an established, curated artist?

Jai has not taken the conventional route of an artist on his level or at his stature. He has never been curated in art galleries or patronised to create for an established art publisher. His unique path from selling art print on market stalls across the north of England to today, establishing a reputation with a loyal following of patrons, collectors and admirers worldwide who support his creativity and vision.




What are Jai's art credentials?


Jai is a self-taught visual artist with expertise in multiple creative disciplines and his unique processes. His art is a blend of paintings, illustrations, photography and digital editing. He fuses traditional and modern artistic methods to create textured, atmospheric aesthetics that convey narrative and messages in the old and new style. 




Is the art a painting or digital print?


Jai's creations are explicitly crafted to come alive in print. ​

​His unique creative process, infusing handmade art with computer software, allows him to utilise digital printing technology fully and fine-tune his art to achieve an optimised aesthetic. 

Jai invested twenty years developing this technique to best showcase his creativity. 




What is the difference between Premium and Signature edition artworks?


Premiums are 10 framed copies of each artwork at large scale to best appreciate the art.

Premium feature 


  • handwritten notes & drawings at the back of the art

  • a personalised book featuring the creation of the art.

  • a collection of NFTs themed on the art with consultation service.

  • exclusive access to the blue club, our community of Patrons.

​The value of Premium works ranges from £10.000 to £50,000





Signature editions are identical impressions of art collections - limited to 61 framed copies & smaller in scale.

Signatures feature 


  • certificates of ownership, authenticity.

  • access to private events & presentations.

  • a personalised art book featuring Jai Sol's works.


​The value of signature works ranges from £1.000 to £10.000

Can I purchase my artwork immediately?


It is possible to buy Original and Signature artworks. We ask you to complete our enquiry forms or contact our sales agent directly via email at



Will my artwork arrive framed or not?


Yes, your artwork will arrive framed. Bespoke framing is available, and please email us at

We also offer a framing consultancy service for multiple orders.

How do I buy an original?


To purchase Jai Sol's original art masterpieces, please fill out the enquiry form.

Can I see the artwork in real life?


Both original and editions, Jai Sol artworks are available to view at our gallery in South Manchester and showroom in Soho, London. To arrange a private viewing and meet Jai Sol at one of these locations, please contact us at - 07737374518 


Alternatively, Jai Sol frequently exhibits his collections at private and public events. To be informed of these opportunities to view his creations in person, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. 





How is the authenticity of the artwork evidenced?


 Jai Sol Art will deliver certificates of Authenticity, Ownership and Value, proving the work's authenticity, receipt or purchase, and estimated rate and containing details about the artwork for the Patron's reference with their purchased art. Our Certificates are hand signed and dated by the artist and include the name of the artwork, medium, artwork's dimensions, edition number, date/month/year of purchase.


Jai also personalises the back of each Original & Premium artwork with a handwritten message to the Patron with descriptions, notes and doodles that he made during the conception and creation of the art.



​As of June 2023, buyers of Original & Premium artworks will receive a digital replica and variations of the art in the form of non-fungible tokens. The replica contains a unique, non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger using blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership. In addition, digital replicas and variations can be experienced virtually and commercialised on the blockchain and Metaverse. 


For more information on NFTS, please email us at

Do you provide delivery?

Original art is ready within six weeks in the UK and worldwide unless specified otherwise.

Timescales for original pieces are influenced by the availability of specialised framing or creations of bespoke framing or enclosure.

We will keep patrons of Original works updated throughout the purchasing and production process. In addition, Jai with his team will deliver original works in person both in Europe & Worldwide.

- Delivery of Original Works is complimentary.


Limited Edition artwork is ready within 14 working from the day of order. We will give you an estimated delivery timescale once we have your delivery address. You will receive a tracking number once our courier receives your artwork so you will know when to expect your delivery. 

- Delivery of Limited Edition works in the UK is complimentary.


International delivery


Once you place an order with us, we will calculate delivery costs based on your delivery address. We will give you an estimated delivery timescale once you have paid our chosen courier. You will receive a tracking number so you will know when to expect your delivery.

Please rest assured your artwork will be fully insured and will arrive in perfect condition. If for any reason this is not the case please contact, and we will rectify the situation immediately.

How do you ensure my artwork will get to me securely?


We have been creating, selling and delivering fine artworks for over 20 years. We will ensure that no matter where your artwork is being delivered that it will get there beautifully packaged and in perfect condition. It will be wrapped in a mixture of foam, cling wrap, bubble wrap and if necessary airbags and boxes.




We do not accept any returns; please be sure of your decision before making a purchase. We are confident you will love your artwork. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

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