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Framing is an essential part of experiencing Jai's digitally crafted artworks.

Our frames are selected by the artist to complement his artwork. 

Each piece is housed in handcrafted Italian frames and ornate enclosures.

Limited edition artworks are housed in a range of frames recommended by Jai Sol. Our selected frames are chosen to enrich the artwork and cater to a host of environments. Jai procures materials, colours, textures and finishes for each frame that complement the finer details in his work. In some instances,

Jai aims to generate a mood that allows the art to breathe and, in others, use the frame to enhance the concept in the art. 


Six key features of our range of frames available for limited edition works.



The shade, tone and overall colour of framing will only add value to the artwork. Jai hand-selects his colours to complete each piece.



As Jai's pieces convey an array of textures in print, it is vital to frame the art with surfaces that subtly contain similar textures.



It is crucial to provide collectors and buyers of Jai's art with a high-quality product, durable in multiple environments. Each material, from the frame to the glass to the finishings, are made to last.



All Jai sol artworks are covered in the highest quality non-glare, high definition glass. Each pane is manufactured by acid etching one or two surfaces of the glass, providing uniform, evenly diffused surfaces for high-resolution applications. Non-glare glass disperses reflected light, allowing the user to focus on the transmitted image.



Certain pieces of art will require additional elements of framing, including slips being the larger frame. These additions add another layer to the structure and are only used to add gravitas to the art.


mounts and finishings

Jai's framed pieced include a range of finishes and fittings to suit the collectors and buyers' requirements for displaying their art. Our expert framers will assist with selecting the correct solution for hanging, displaying or storing the art.

Customised framing available upon request.
Jai can procure framing to suit our buyer's style and tastes. Our magic wand symbol indicates the artworks that have this option.

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