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With over twenty years of study, exploration and experience as a multi-disciplined artist, Jai Sol has created a vast collection of digitally crafted masterpieces. Each artwork, rich in composition and showcasing his ability as a technician and storyteller. His mastery of an eclectic range of artistic mediums from painting, 3d design to digital editing allows him to freely convey his unique imagination.

Every detail in Jai's art is carefully considered and positioned to offer the viewer endless opportunities to appreciate the aesthetic and discover the narrative. He visually expresses with bold shapes, intricate patterns and a spectacular array of colours. For Jai, each visual element in his work contributes towards the overall composition, tailor-made to evoke an intellectual, emotional and visceral experience.

Jai's art conveys narratives and concepts inspired by real-life experiences and observations of culture and people. Each piece expresses his curiosity about a varied range of subjects and concepts. His work convey's stories, provokes thought and offers alternative perspectives. Jai's often fuses his multi-layered art with sub narratives, hidden messages and clues relating to its theme and inspiration.

Photographs add another dimension

to Jai's art and often compliment the theme and narrative. He sources and shoots photos of people, objects, landscapes and textures. The images feature in the overall composition or appear as additional detail. Jai has travelled the world to meet and collaborate with many extraordinary photographers who have played an integral role in developing the art and concepts. 

Jai's creative process involves both traditional and contemporary art practices. His early works were painted interpretations of works by Salvador Dali, H.R Giger and Picasso. He later expanded his knowledge and practice with illustration, watercolours, and ceramics. His extensive study of traditional mediums manifested in many artworks that displayed his skill and talent. But for Jai, these creations lacked in dynamism and required other mediums to bring them to life. Over, ten years Jai experimented with several methods to achieve his desired look. He discovered a process to fuse his traditional work with digital imagery and graphics. This discovery led him to merge practices and create art that is distinctive in style and execution.

Presentation is vital to experiencing Jai's masterpieces, and each work of art requires specialised printing and framing to complement and enhance the overall aesthetic. An essential aspect of his creative process is understanding print. With over twenty years of experience publishing his art, Jai is an expert at replicating his work on multiple formats. He tailor-makes each artwork, tweaking colours and lighting elements during the creative process to achieve the best visual experience possible for print and replication.

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