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My creations contain samples of handmade art and design that are digitally fused with edited photography. 

paint & illustration

Pencils and paint are mediums that shape my creativity.

I use pencils, fine liners and markers to sketch out ideas and blueprints for my art. When sketching, I experiment with the subject, it's positioning and perspective. I play and develop guidelines for the overall composition. I then use watercolours, acrylics and oils to enrich the sketch, highlighting and enhancing aspects of the image. Each stroke and daub of paint offers raw material for the next phase of my process.

Fine Art - Jai studied the history of fine art for many years, inspired by the great from the renaissance period to cubism and surrealism.

Inspirations - You can see aspects of Jai's favourite artist in his work, in particular, Salvador Dali, H.R Giger and Picasso.



Photographs add another dimension to the aesthetics of my art. I implement them into my creative process to compliment the theme and narrative. I source and shoot photos of people, objects, landscapes and textures. The photos can heavily feature in the overall composition or appear as additional details. My extensive knowledge of digital image manipulation allows me to alter the photograph, editing its content and generating alternative versions.

Collaborations - Jai has collaborated with many photographers from around the world in creating his artwork. Each collaborator has played an integral role in developing the base of the art, and some of the concepts feature in the piece.

digital editing

I open photographs and scans of the blueprint on Photoshop to begin my process. Each photo is meticulously edited using an array of digital tools and applications.  I select , extracted and position them onto a virtual canvas. I then develop a scan of the entire original sketch or blueprint, transforming it into a digital image. Using my computer, I extract elements of the digital version of the blueprint, I select interesting features including lines, dashes of paint and texture. I then merge the blueprint with the edited photographs to begin the final editing phase of the process. I go through a lengthy process of manipulating both blueprint and photography.

I add lighting, gradients of colour and special effects until the art appears to look and feel like the image that occupied my mind at the conception of the idea.

Process - Jai accidentally came across his unique approach whilst travelling on a night train across India. 
Experimentation - Jai process allows his the freedom to include multiple elements into each composition as well as adjusting or adapting them at will.



I aim to make art that comes to life in print and offers the viewer a visual experience that goes beyond the traditional fine art on canvas and ventures into a virtual space of dynamic pixels with pigments. An essential aspect of the editing phase is the understanding of print. I must know about the process and the full range of printing options available than can replicate my digital art onto materials. My artwork is currently printed on high-grade fine art paper. The material is heavily grained and requires a particular type of printing process known as giclee. This method facilitates the printing of digital images.

Acrylic - Jai's colourful, detailed art looks fantastic when printed on a mount with acrylic.
Fabric - For several years, Jai developed fabric prints of his works in India, working closely with a leading fashion designer, together they created high-end fashion outfits for women that were exhibited at shows in Milan and London.

projection, immersion & VR

My digitally crafted artworks are ideal for projections, immersion, virtual and augmented reality. I became aware of the digital revolution and its relationship with imagery in 2001.

I understood the possibilities for digitally created content and the innovative ways in which technology can drive it. I wanted to be ready for when this was availble to the masses and expansion. I created all my works is a very specifi way so that each element can be animated, mappep of installed into a virtual envronment. 

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