" I endeavour to create art both powerful in its message, and beautiful to behold "


I am a self-taught visual artist from the north of England. 

People, culture and spirituality inspire my life and creativity. I observe 

the world and create interpretations of what I see and feel. Each piece depicts moments from my experiences.


My journey truly began in 1999, a broke artist searching for guidance and inspiration. I decided to look inwards and devoted sixteen years to studying art and exploring philosophy and spirituality. In that 

process,  I rediscovered my authenticity, and purpose, along with 

amassing a vast collection of artworks with many opportunities to share them with the world.​


My art is a blend of paintings, illustrations, photography and digital editing. I use both traditional and modern artistic methods to create textured, atmospheric aesthetics that convey narratives in the style of the old and new. I am currently experimenting with the latest in creative technologies, fusing my digitally crafted art with virtual reality, immersion design and 3d mapping.

• Journey -  Jai self isolated for 16 years in pursuing his dream. 

• Creators - He is inspired by surrealists, in particular - Dali.

• Vision - He aims to create unique experiences for people.



Visual art is my passion and my primary source of output.

However, I have experimented with video and audio to express my ideas further.  I have developed documentaries, podcasts and 

films that journal my experiences as an independent artist and a person navigating through life. 

The documentaries take place in working class communities in England and feature my interactions with everyday people. I encourage them to experience my art and share their thoughts. My podcasts feature interviews with talented visual artists from around the world. Each creative shares their craft, inspirations and life experiences. I want to offer viewers an insight into the life of a creative, with no filters, directly from the artist. 

My short films explore the phycology of art and creativity. I use 3D animation and audio visualisation to convey perception, cognition and characteristics of art and its production.

4 Acres Podcast • Conversations about life and spirituality. 

The Seed • 3D Immersion show at the Southbank, London.

The Nature Experience • Audio visualisation exhibition with the grand philharmonic orchestra, London.

Art Chat Documentary • A public perspective about art.


I draw inspiration from my experiences with people. I enjoy presenting my work and learning how others perceive it, and feel about it. I aim to guide my audience to the details and subjects in my work, offering them a moment to absorb the art and express their personality, thoughts and insights. Each exchange is monumental and provides new perspectives and friendships.

My journey to exhibiting began at temples, churches, care homes, market stalls and labour clubs in Lancashire. Each experienced was positive and led to further opportunities to exhibit and meet communities of people. Just six years later I was especially grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to exhibit for the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. My work also featured at Wembley stadium in front of a capacity audience with 2.3 billion viewers live on television and I projected my art at fashion shows, spiritual events, music concerts and wellbeing festivals in Europe and South Asia.

• World Yoga Festival -  Jai is converting his art into animation for 3d    

• Alchemy Festival at the Southbank  -  He has developed virtual 

• World Literature Fair  -  I am collaborating with artist to create. 

RSP Ball 2019 - High Res 079.jpg


Whilst at college where I was studying fine art and new media, I was introduced to the world of digital. Back in 1996, digital art, its tools, hardware and processes were at there infancy, but it did not stop me from experimenting with what was available. I soon began to merge photographs with pixel imagery with samples of fine art. I created visuals that combined several artist processes and soon developed a love for digital art. This fascination continued as did my use of the technology; eventually, these methods became the blueprint of what I make now and possibly the future. 

In 2004 I was becoming more aware of the advancements in technology and the platforms where this visual can be seen. I continued to experiment and focused on digital crafted art. After creating thousands of artwork using this process, my art is perfect to be transferred into virtual reality, which I began to study in 2001. Each creation was made to come to life in a three-dimensional space and be animated. 

I am currently developing a series of VR videos themed on my collections of art. They are journeys into my world, visions from my dream, vision and mind's eye. You will enter worlds where the view my artworks in the form of animation and multi-layered landscapes. Dreamworld will be available to experience in November 2021. Bluemehndi - the VR musical experience will be available to view live at the Southbank in London in March 2022.


• Projection -  Jai is converting his art into animation for 3d        mapping presentations.

• Virtual -  He has developed virtual reality experiences themes around his art and visions.

• Augmented reality -  I am collaborating with artist to create a 3d immersive and augmented reality experiences for audiences in Japan, Singapore, Dubai and India.


My early experiences in life, and at first hand, witnessing inequality and prejudice, motivated me to represent social issues in my art. As an artist, with a license to express freely,

I feel I must use my creativity to communicate problems in our communities and the wider world. Through art, I can convey circumstances, perspectives and stories of people in need of support.


Over ten years, I created several artworks to raise awareness and funds for social causes around the world. My first donation in 2007 was for a child trafficking campaign in Bangladesh which led to further opportunities to support. 

My work contributed to children's hospices in Manchester,

the British Asian trust in London, the literature festival in Delhi and many other organisations worldwide. My most rewarding contribution was as an art teacher, volunteering at orphanages and underprivileged schools across India.


• Donations - Jai has raised thousands of pounds for charities.
• Events - He is collaborating with the Princes Trust to host private art shows in London and Manchester.
• Film - Jai is developing short documentaries with  organisations who offer creativity to people in need.



In the fall of 2008, I began a journey which eventually led me to experiencing the world differently. I was no longer interested in chasing conceptual ideas of success or accomplishment. I wanted to break free from conditioning so I can perceive the world as it is and help people. I abandoned all my material possessions, my statues and lifestyle to explore South Asia as a homeless artist. I travelled through villages and cities mainly in rural, India, meeting people and making art with them. My experiences were diverse and filled with profound realisations about my life and theirs. 


After several months I returned to the UK to develop a series of art-themed workshops for children. My vision was to introduce the experience of creativity to young people living on streets, in orphanages and refugee camps. I wanted to offer the kids a moment of self-empowerment, be freed to express at will, to

explore their creativity further and integrate into their thinking, and awareness. In 2011, I launched my workshops in India, at a school for underprivalidged children. The experience was life changing and was documented on video for release in 2022.

I am now looking for opportunities to share my creative workshop experiences.

• Creative workshops  - Jai has taught art to disadvantaged 

children and families in India. 

• Interactive Lectures  - He with his team have developed immersive lectures for schools, universities and corporate events.


View Jai Sol videos featuring presentations of art, podcasts, vlogs and documentaries. 


View Jai Sol photographs, animations and videos featuring presentations of art, podcasts, vlogs and documentaries.





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