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third eye vision

the future of spiritual art


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pure imagination


On the eve of 1999, as the world welcomed a new millennium, a new era, a young disillusioned artist was on the verge of ending his journey.

He could no longer conform to his conditioned environment, the identity his adopted culture curated for him, and the perceptions he was taught to live with. It was time to eject from the game, to lose everything for another possibility. On that night, Jai chose a path that would change his life forever.

Creativity was his only option with fear, failure and challenge mere steps to his ultimate freedom.

Pure Imagination documents Jai's sixteen years of self-isolation where he chose one place, inside four walls, away from the world to study, meditate, and create art that was pure, authentic and from his imagination. ​


In 2019 he began to create content introducing himself, his inspirations and his unique stories that shaped his experiences and influenced his art.

For most of his career, Jai has not felt ready to present himself to the world as a personality. Instead, he invested his time developing his artistry in private and showcasing his art to a select community of people in the UK and worldwide.

Jai Sol Media is the platform that will allow supporters of his work, friends and admirers to get to know the man behind the art. This channel will feature in-depth presentations of each of his artworks, interviews with Jai at his studio and gallery including footage of his creative process, voice recordings of his thoughts about life, art and philosophy. This channel will also showcase his podcast, 4 acres and his reality art show, art chat.


Visual art is Jai's passion and primary source of output. However, he has experimented with video and audio to express ideas further. He has developed documentaries, podcasts and films that journal his experiences as an independent artist and a person navigating through life. 

The documentaries take place in working-class communities in England and feature interactions with everyday people.  The podcasts feature interviews with talented visual artists from around the world. The short films explore the phycology of art and creativity and include 3D animation and audio visualisation to convey perception, cognition and characteristics of art and its production.

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3iV or Third Eye Vision is a digital platform designed to showcase 2d, 3d and virtual art by Jai Sol.


3iv integrates Jai’s creativity with groundbreaking technology offering innovative ways to view, engage and interact with his unique brand and style of art. We feel we can truly add value to audiences with our framed works, projection mapping, augmented and virtual reality art experiences. 3iv aims to produce multisensory experiences encouraging self-reflection, self-awareness and discovery within technology.

Learn more about the artist, Jai Sol.  


art exchange creative penpals

Over the years, Jai travelled across India to teach art to children in orphanages, shanty towns and villages. His experiences transformed his perception of himself as a creative and what he had to offer.

His exchanges with people with minimal resource and opportunity in life motivated him to explore his creativity further and find a route to expose their lives and gain awareness worldwide.    

Jai developed a series of art-themed workshops for children. His vision was to introduce the experience of creativity to young people, offer them a moment of self-empowerment, the freedom to express their life experiences through art and hoping they integrate the feeling into their thinking and awareness. In 2011, Jai launched the art exchange project with a series of creative workshops at a school in northern India. He then approached schools in England and asked children to create art relating to their life experiences. He aimed to create an art exchange, a visual conversation between the children from contrasting backgrounds. Through art, they can express themselves fully and understand each other's lives and develop a curiosity to know more. 

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