"What the camera see's, the edit we see and our perception of that sight are three separate things." Jai Sol.



What are the latest headlines? What do they tell you about events that are happening right now? 

Do you believe that all the facts are given to you in that report? 


Conspiracy theorists believe that the truth is often concealed, twisted, or changed to suit another purpose. Perhaps to protect the public from the reality.

Perhaps to make you believe a story that's more convenient for those who tell it. It seems that with the internet, the rise in availability of information, has aroused the interests of those who seek to question our reality. 



There have been multiple periods in history where the reporting of events have been questioned, the moon landing being one of the most frequently challenged. This questioning has been labelled as conspiracy theory, but what is a conspiracy theorist? A nut case? A non conformist? Or perhaps, a researcher with an alternative opinion based on gathered evidence. It seems that this question is unlikely to be answered so easily, as the term has become almost derogatory, if it is seen as negative to believe in conspiracy theories, then surely less people will be open to the suggestions they make.


An alternative question may be, to ask when it become normal practice to question the reports of global news and events. Due to the increase in outlets, such as television channels, blogs and websites devoted to providing alternative information, the curious have been allowed to explore, and to wonder which source should be believed.


If covert evidence exists that can alter the perception of an event, it seems it was not presented originally, thus preventing the public from making a more informed decision.It could be that it is now the responsibility of this public to seek out the truth, without the possible bias of those who wish to obscure certain facts. We are led to believe that the media exists to provide factual information, but if it is the case that they are obscuring details due to a hidden agenda, it becomes difficult to identify which source has the more reliable information.

In 1963 President JF Kennedy was assassinated, this we know as fact. There have been multiple claims regarding who the killer was and why JFK was targetted. The complete files containing details of the event, were kept secret by White House agencies until October 2017 when a large number of them were released. However, some were kept secret, as it was claimed that their contents could pose a threat to national security. If the suggestion is accurate, that Lee Harvey Oswald was a disturbed member of the public, who acted alone, it seems absurd that by releasing all of the gathered evidence on the case, the nation's security could suffer.


Therefore, this leads to the question of what is being hidden and why, which in turn adds fuel to the conspiracy theory that the government were somehow involved, if not directly culpable.


Do conspiracy theories raise important questions, or are they founded in frustration, due to the lack of reliable facts regarding events that the public believe they have the right to know about? It is possible that the information we are presented with, has been tampered with in order to persuade us of stories that portray a more beneficial image for those who are reporting them. Media bias has been established in a number of minor cases, so it is plausible that every official source is open to manipulating the truth if instructed to do so.


Text can deliver any message desired, but what if we saw the reports live, looked at the pictures. Surely a picture or a video can't lie.


Green screen is a visual aid used in adverts and movies to provide an illusion, from dinosaurs, to explosions, anyone who has watched an action movie or seen a weather report has witnessed green screen, but we question whether the use of these special effects has been limited to entertainment, or whether there is even a possibility  that it could be used to create news reports.


The collection Green Screen uses the idea of conspiracies to portray a number of events, as if they were being manipulated to create an alternative version of those events. Some are widely considered conspiracy theories, others are lesser known, but each are open to further research, should the viewer be interested in considering other possibilities.


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