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Jai Sol's works embody quality. Each piece is rich with detail and demonstrates exceptional artistry. The colours, shapes and composition captivate the viewer and guide them into the artist's imagination.

The eclectic palette of colours on display set the temperature, mood and ambience. Space factors in the reading of the art, offering range, separation and depth. The texture is integrated into areas to enrich form and add character. Lighting essentially highlights both form and space, generating atmosphere and dimension.

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Original Masterpieces display highly detailed aesthetics inspired by the artist's most meaningful experiences, ideas and concepts. Each piece has taken several years to develop and is meticulously crafted to offer a unique visual and emotional experience.


Jai Sol is committed to having authenticity at the core of his work, particularly in the themes and narratives that embody the art. The themes in all original works are born from life experiences and in-depth studies of mythology and sociology. Each piece is methodically researched and reviewed before creation. Jai has travelled across remote, historical locations in the world to engage with people and renowned experts, drawing from their knowledge and perspective.


Jai Sol artworks are now available to own as acrylic orbs.
This state of the art contemporary format adds another dimension to Jai's art masterpieces.

Due to this clarity and depth, the properties of Jai's art are intensified when mounted under acrylic, the product highlights vivid colours and adds depth to shadows.


Diamond & flame polished edges

5mm Crystal clear plexiglas

Hi-definition 12 colour printing

Supplied with white wooden subframe

Available in shiny and matt finis

The artwork is a hi-definition 12 colour spherical print on paper that is face-mounted edge-to-edge on laser with optically clear adhesive to a diamond polished 5mm clear plexiglass, acrylic, with a further 3mm highly durable spherical wooden or aluminium subframe. 


The Acrylic Sphere's circular crop allows for some genuinely unique display options, creating beautiful acrylic wall art to complement and enhance your environment. Sleek edges and a crystal clear, high-gloss finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product. 


Orbs are an ideal centrepiece or addition to any modern living area or environment and a unique way to experience Jai's creativity. The shape, material and finish enhance his dynamic art creations, bringing them to life.



Jai has hand-selected several artworks from his many collections to feature as orbs.


All artworks chosen have been additionally edited and optimised to complement the materials of the orb, adding to the experience. Orbs are now available to purchase. Please view from our catalogue below. Select purchase to view a close-up of the art, request customisation and size and place your order.

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