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Jai Sol Original works embody quality. Each piece is rich with detail and demonstrates exceptional artistry. The colours, shapes and composition captivate the viewer and guide them into the artist's imagination. The eclectic palette of colours on display set the temperature, mood and ambience. Space factors in the reading of the art, offering range, separation and depth. Texture is integrated into areas to enrich form and add character. Lighting essentially highlights both form and space, generating atmosphere and dimension.

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Original Masterpieces display highly detailed aesthetics inspired by the artists most meaningful experiences, ideas and concepts. Each piece has taken several years to develop and is meticulously crafted to offer a unique visual and emotional experience.


Jai Sol is committed to having authenticity at the core of his work, particularly in the themes and narratives that embody the art. The themes in all original works are born from life experiences and in-depth studies of mythology and sociology. Each piece is methodically researched and reviewed before creation. Jai has travelled across remote, historical locations in the world to engage with people and renowned experts, drawing from their knowledge and perspective.

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Original Masterpieces are digitally printed on high-grade fine art paper, vinyl fabric, aluminium and high definition acrylic. Jai has selected each material to showcase his dynamic creations and offer various options in displaying the art. Art prints on paper and fabric are housed in hand-selected Italian frames, and covered with high definition non-reflective glass. A select number of Bluemehndi artworks are printed onto aluminium material and placed within handcrafted ornate enclosures sourced individually from specialists in South Asia. A wide selection of Original pieces are printed on high definition acrylic, beautifully shaped in the form of an orb, offering a unique format to display and appreciate the art.


Owners of Original art will become members of our exclusive Blue Club. This membership allows patrons the privilege of bespoke services and opportunities to attain Jai's creativity further. Members of the Blue Club will receive information on Jai's latest projects in development and completion. Members will also gain direct access to experiencing the art in the flesh and meet with Jai in his private gallery and studios in Manchester, England or Mumbai, India.


Patrons and collectors of Original Masterpieces have access to a personalised message and presentation from Jai Sol in the form of video, audio and visual. Special QR codes are embedded within the all Original artworks to enhance the patron's experience. When viewed with a smart device, the codes initiate videos of the art with narration, genuine audio recordings of Jai exploring his ideas, and initial sketches. These unique features offer the patron further access inside the mind and creativity of Jai and digitally certifies their ownership and purchase of the art.