augmented reality

Simply press a button and experience Jai Sol Masterpieces directly in front of you, in perfect scale, on your wall, in the comfort of your environment. View the art from any angle and distance in any space, you desire. 

For the first time, the viewer can look at Jai's masterpieces at their leisure from anywhere in the world. Each work of art is an experience, a private exhibition to showcase its detail and composition in any environment.


Superimpose Jai Sol Original & Limited edition masterpieces in your environment. Use a smart device with our viewing app and access to your camera to see framed artworks, virtually, integrated into your room. Our app allows the art to be positioned on any surface and at any angle. The viewer can view the art close up and navigate the room to view the artwork in perspective. Our AR option also gives prospective buyers access to see their desired artwork in spaces for display, virtually experiencing the art before owning a physical master.

how it works

download the art visualise app


1 . Select purchase in menu, navigate to the artwork you would like to view and press the visualise on your wall button.

2 . Aim your device at an open space on your floor and move it around slowly while it calibrates. The best environment is one that is well lit and without too many obstacles.

3 . When the floor marker appears, move your position until it meets the floor and the bottom of your wall, then lock it in place.

4 . You can manually move your artwork by dragging it with your fingers until it is in the perfect location.

5 . Move towards and around the art to enjoy all the details and features.

6 . Take a photo of how it looks.